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Skip hours of learning Notion's API

Cavapi converts your Notion tables and pages into a simplified API

Notion is a great tool to manage content with lots of flexibility

But that flexibility comes at a cost: The API is kind of complex

Cavapi simplifies Notion's API

You have your table or page converted to a simple API in less than 5 minutes

Cavapi's mission is Simplicity and Stability

Simplifying is our mission so we made Cavapi dead simple

Why not use the Notion API directly?

1. It's complex and you have to learn how to use it
2. Any change in data is reflected instantly as you edit your content
3. It doesn't have an easy to consume format
4. You can't try the content in different environments unless you manage different copies of your table

You can also manage multiple versions and environments

Take your snapshots to different environments so you can test them before going live

Multiple environments

Test your content

You can deploy a different version of your content to each environment. This way you can test your content in your test environments before going to production.


Content version control

Use any existing version with ease. Set the version through Cavapi interface or specify it through the headers when fetching data.

Dead simple API

Don't lose time

Cavapi API is as simple as it can get. Just a URL with an Authorization header and a response that is as flat as it can get




4.99€/ m
  • 3 tables
  • 300 rows
  • 3000 requests a month
  • 30 days free trial

4.99€/ m

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29.99€/ m
  • 100 tables
  • 20000 rows
  • 5,000,000 requests a month
  • Team management (coming soon)
  • 30 days free trial

29.99€/ m

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